Julia Orayen Playboy Photos

Julia Orayen, the former Playboy model who went all-bare for a playboy shoot few days ago, is the winner of Mexico’s presidential TV debates. Hooo, this is really amazing.

Social network websites like Twitter and Facebook forgot the real purpose of the Mexican Presidential Debate—but they all were busy while seeing the dashing and sexy dress of Playboy model Julia Orayen who appeared in the show.

Jorge Castaneda, the former Mexican Foreign Minister also wrote on Twitter while talking about the cleavage of curvaceous model Julia Orayen, “The best was the girl in white with the cleavage at the beginning.”

The Mexican Presidential Debate show started normally but in the very beginning of the show the Playboy Playmate model Julia Orayen Appeared in the show as an usher to the shoe for presenting some paper to the Candidates for the president holding a tray like box every one start starring at her.

She was wearing the white, skin tight dress with a plunging neckline. She came in front of the camera just 20 seconds but till the end of the show every body was just like thinking of her it seams that she has steel the show and nobody has any concern with the show any more.

Later, the management and organization of the show apologized in a statement, “We are sorry about the production error associated with the clothing of one of the assistants during the first presidential debate and want to apologize to the citizens and the candidates for the presidency.”

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